Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sickness 1, Creativity 0

Hey guys and gals ^_^
how have we been? good? bad? average?.. touche :D

the job interview i blogged about went well :) i might help them out part time if they get over burdened with work, but i'm gonna meet up with them again in May to talk about a permanent position *squeal*

I've been sick this week with a tummy virus :( not cool. have been home all week cos its kinda contagious (which sucks cos I've got my Indesign summative (week long exam) nxt week for school. UGH UGH DOUBLE UGH. We gotta do a Annual report for Sony. -die-

I'm struggling creatively too, havent done any of my own stuff for about 2 months :( i'm finding it harder to be creative at course also, its kinda like they're breeding the same old designer sheeps. ahh the joy of politics eh? *giggle*

on a plus note, my Cupco doll is online here . heh i like Cupco's quote he wrote for it :P its quite fitting. i think the exhibition is in.. June? yay!

well im at work right now *snicker* naughty naughty. take care



AMAComics said...

Hey dude.

Sorry to hear you're unwell at the moment. Also sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch creatively. It's no fun to be in that zone. Ultimately though, you'll come out better off. Once out of the funk, you'll have some fresh new ideas to offer the world.

The Cupco doll looks awesome.

Hope you recover from your illness soon.


Super-Munkyboy said...

Hope you're feeling better fella!!!

Nice work on the part time stuff, sure its gonna go further!!!