Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Another stint in hospital :(

I had another stint in hospital over the weekend, my awesome infected wound decided to play up again and i got mad pains in my tummy! Was back in hospital for 3 days, was kinda worried id be stuck in there for xmas :( but everything kinda cleared up and im back at home, with new painkillers and new anti biotics!
(i thought the instuctions for my new antibiotics were funny, read the last line)

*so.. what. im gonna go orange and explode if i have too much sunlight? hehehe :)*

They took out my icky staples from my tummy (all 29 of them) but some parts didnt heal, so ive got like a golfball sized hole in my tummy, which gets packed with absorbant stuff everyday. it creeps me out everytime i see this huge hole in my tummy. I feel like playing Operation (the board game) everytime i gotta remove my own dressing haha :) I dont think ill post pics though. its too ewwwwwwwwwww!

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

aaarrrgghh! poopy appendix!

Hey All!

Sorry for the lack of updates / being absent from the webs *not intentional, not, like, trying to avoid you all or anything! cept for u in the third row. ur breath smells -_-*

I got back into New Zealand from the States last Saturday (6th Dec) and took my time unpacking and stuff (room = bombsite). Whilst in America i developed a small pain, kinda like a stitch but it only hurt when i moved rapidly (funnily, i first felt this pain at Disneyland. hoho) I didnt think too much of it so I put off seeing the Doctor till the following Monday i got back (8th Dec). He said it was a slightly inflammed Appendix. After a ultrascan, i soon found myself in the A & E department at hospital, as they decided to take out my appendix just as a precaution.

So the operation was planned to be 1 hour, with about 3 days recovery time. When the surgeons cut me open, they had found the appendix had already burst, was all oozy and a crap load of puss. My wee appendix had also perferated along the joins of my small bowels too, so they ended up taking some of my small bowel out along with my bung appendix.

all and all, a 1 hour operation with low risk turned into a 4 hour operation, which i was very lucky to swing my way. I was lucky it hadn't gone Septic, was lucky puss and crap seemed to not spread too much. I ended up being in the hospital for over a week! (not fun!)

my feets in hospital. hehe stockings!

So now im home, with 5 different painkillers to keep me going, hunched like a old man (as my stomach muscles had been cut vertically. hmmm), a narly wound, 25 staples and 4 exit sites for my puss to come out (they snipped off 4 staples at each corner, and everyday use metal prongs to stuff asorbant paper into my wound to absorb puss and crap.. kinda one of those things where u know u should be looking away but you're always staring at them doing the dressing going "AHHH AHHH AHHH".


Christmas party's are going to be fun. haha.
My painkillers are wearing off, off to grab more. till next time :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I had my first Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday in San Fransisco. It was pretty awesome. apart from the fact that i got Food Poisoning from the Turkey (which apparently was uncooked...) (that and the copious amount of red wine didn't help, haha!)
Thanksgiving Food poisoning on Thursday in San Fransisco + 8 hour car ride back to LA whilst still very food poisony the next day= not a very happy Richard..

heres a few (by few i mean 5 cos im lazy) snaps. ill post more later :)

The Cow Killing fields. On the way to San Fransisco from LA we past a huge area where thousands and thousands of cows were.. well. just waiting for the slaughter house. It was kinda sad, and very very very smelly :(

On a happier note, i found my Yellow brother from another mother! He just farted, it wasn't nice. so i wrinkled my face in disgust.

Magic Mountain Awesomeness. *heart* rollercoasters

My awesome Star wars x Marc Ecko Shirt i got for a good price (I LOVE YOU SALES PEW PEW). I thought it was awesome. :) mmm. Cyan and Magenta drippy gooooddnes

Ill upload more photos later :)
Yay Disneyland tomorrow :)