Tuesday, 11 March 2008


anyone else addicted to Patapon? cos i am hah!

Had a meeting with a friend of mine who's gonna do my new site. his idea is really really cooooool. cant wait to see the idea fruitate! off to draw 30+ mini characters for it!


Jaredluck said...

hey haven't played it yet off to look it up. get that job! get it! get it! get it! hahaha.
I'm going to be looking to, im moving
to auckland next week into my new house aka 'garage'. need to katch up for a cup o tea :)

podgypanda said...

jesus Jared, i was like "who the F is this? Jaredluck? lol

how u doing man? haha it's gonna be working at Craig's workplace (u know, tall Craig from firehorse?)

yeah dude, give me a text :D i've changed my number just to avoid u. HAHAHA nah just kidding dude :D give us a bell!

Super-Munkyboy said...

I've seen but not played...you're not going down the street singing the soundtrack like Loco Roco ;)