Friday, 31 October 2008

Kraftbomb '08 Recap!

I wish i had taken more photos! ahh well.
The past Sunday i went down to Kraftbomb ,which i had a small stall :) It was very wet and miserable when we got there but the weather cleared up :)
On with the pics!

my cutout displays i did :) man it was a bitch cutting them out *did not think that one through..*
(oh yeah. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE hehe)

Some of my stuff i had for sale :) (only 5 Chick Magnet shirts left!)

Meeeee (with coffee lol

My table buddy next door was Polly in a box. She had these awesome plush toys with the raddest names lol. I forgot to take a front shot so heres one from the side.. sorta.. yay Polly!

Brought a cupcake from City the NZ cupcake queen (she was nice enough to save me one) and boy was it yummmy! *drools*

Umm.. had a mishap and ate my finger by accident :P:P

My GF's favourite stand, Violet and May (i think!) They did these rad collars :) i purchased my gf one cos it was rad!



I was very sleepy after (probably the coffee and sugar wore off. and the many late nights) but alas, i had a rad time and met lotsa ppl :) I really wish i wandered around more and took more photos (Geek freeks (awesome)had awesome stuffs!, so did Miss Cutee, Becky and Frank (you guys are awesome) and Benita's stuff (doh! dont remember what you called your table haha.).
I wont be at next months Kraftbomb (Nov 30th. Mark your diaries ppl!) as i'll be in the states :( but if things go well, my gf will be looking after my stall for me :)


Thursday, 30 October 2008

DS cover!

Had some offcuts at work so i decided to try design a DS cover!

The size fits fine (was a bit fiddly to cut! esp. the speaker holes hehe)

But the stuff i printed it on wasn't so good (gotta find some other kind of material).

but yaaay!
(thanks Teese for the pics and being my guinea pig!:) )

Lets Play DS!

A wee drawing for my good friend Teese :) yay DS!

I'm more of a PSP owner (cos i lack the funds for both :P) but they look like they're having fun! aye? aye? cept Pothead. he's sleeping. and Horned Squishem. hes playing paddleball.


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Toycyte x Toy2r Halloween toy giveaway!

A new contest which has started on a Toycyte for a whole lotta Qee! Click the image above or here to read more about it. (sooo much Qee! i'd love to doodle on those blanks!!!)

How cool would it be to win such a fantastic prize :) we all know how hard it is to buy qee in NZ :( (or toys in general for that matter!)

New Podgypanda Logo

I kinda needed a new logo, so after a few days trying to find the perfect typeface, i decided to just draw my own (why i didnt think of it earlier is a mystery!)

so here it is :D tada! all shiny and stuff!

right. now to stop procrastinating and do some work.. *cries*

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

October Kraftbomb!

hey all :)
I'm gonna be at this months Kraftbomb! yay! I'll have half a table so pop by and say hello :) i'll have the remaining chick magnet tee's, badges, some prints and other bits and bobs!


Friday, 17 October 2008

Go go Luke Chueh!

Saw this on my way to work yesterday :) Love Luke's work. One of my first pop artists i followed :D! I had totally forgotten he had done a cover for the new Fall Out Boy album haha. Dilemma, do i buy the album just for the artwork?

Here's my only print i have of his. I heart it so much ^_^

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mitre 10 Sandpit ad

Sorry about the double Youtube postage, but this ad HAS to be shared!
It's currently being aired on NZ tv. and its effin' awesome.

lolol "mate! you're dreaming!"
"aussies.. no suprises there"

so cute

How.. Literal!

lol. Take on me:Literal Video Version. Awesome.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Wait Continues..

Come on MPH! I wanna know who won! (or if I won, hehe!)


Thursday, 9 October 2008

Chocolate Log at Monster Art Rally, Gallery 1988 San Fransisco!

BIIIGG Congrats to Onno and Sylvia aka Chocolate Log Industries, for being apart of the Monster Art Rally plush show! (at a really well known Gallery too!) They've flown out from NZ to SF too , and probably soaking up all the fame no doubt (haha!)

If you follow my wee blog, and happen to be in the area, do drop by and look out for the Chocolate Log Duo and mock their Kiwi Accent.
*wanna chip?*

Congrats again Onno and Sylvia :) You're Heaps Beached! :D

'United Nations of Cupco' Exhibition date confirmed!

Wee! Remember this wee guy?
Cupco's united nations of cupco exhibition is gonna be at:
December 6 - 22nd 2008
Damien Minton Gallery
61-63 Great Buckingham St
Redfern, Sydney, Australia


Monday, 6 October 2008

Mr Cupcake turns 1! *wip*

heres a doodle i started cos.. well. i dunno. i just started doodling and all this crap came out lol.

My fav. bits? its a toss up between the dude running his dog (which funnily enough the owner looks similar to his dog :D) and the chef's hailing the happy giant cupcake who's just turned 1! or is number 1. i dunno. i've yet to decide :P
Oh, the dude wheatpasting is kinda rad.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

KraftBomb recap 28th Sept 2008

Last Sunday my GF and I headed out to our first Kraftbomb show in Grey Lynn, Auckland. On the way we had a huge hunger pang for Cheesecake (as you do, haha!) so first stop. Cheesecake Shop!

We brought a Cookies and Cream Cheesecake and some White Chocolate Mudcake.

me. *nomnomnomnom*

my luffly GF. *nomnomnom* hehe

After our sweet toof's had been satisfied, off to Kraftbomb! Unfortunately i only took a photo of the banner outside :P i was too in awe of the rad things they had inside. You can click here to view photos from the Kraftbomb blog :)

Kraftbomb Banner

Some goodies i purchased, a cookie badge by miss cutee (HOW ADORABLE. go wee cookie go!) and a Geek Freek's magnet plush. cute :)!

They plan to have Kraftbomb on the last Sunday of each month, and apparently Octobers gonna be bigger! I've emailed the organisers hoping for a spot this month, *crosses fingers*

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Evil Tea Break

Even evil needs a break from time to time :P

I think he's suppose to be a demon prince. i dunno.. my blue pencil and I dont get along to well as of late :P

Friday, 3 October 2008

Internet Back + Stickers and crap!

*does a happy dance*

My net has uncapped today :) so happy. was so painful when it was reduced to dialup speed.. But wait! there's more! got a letter today from telecom, our capping has gone from 10gig's to 20gig's! for free! hurray!

K. on to the important stuff i suppose lol.
In the midst of much work experience goodness, one does have days when theres not much work.. what better way to pass the time then cut out a bajillion stickers?
those in the middle are hand drawn ones on some offcuts :P

Close up of some stickers i drew on some offcuts.
my fav is the "WHY YOU SO BIG" one. hehehehe. love those glasses!

Stickers and a magnet or 2 with hand drawn header tags.

i had too much time on my hands :P

k. back to my warm bed and Patapon!
till we meet again!