Friday, 28 March 2008

KITTY and ComputerArts Graduate showcase :O

Why is kitty not pleased? Is it 'cos Franky smells? bad breathe? Bolts rusty? we will never know... (well i do, 'cos i drew him. but i aint sharing. HAH)
I'm still learning how to vector properly :) so it looks a bit weird with the stuff.. o well.. i plan to do 1-2 Characters a day minimum for a project i cant show you yet. you'll like! yes you will!

on other stuffs, I stumbled across the open invite for ComputerArts Graduate showcase '08 :D
technically as i AM in my graduating year i do qualify for it, so i'm thinking of submitting some personal stuff :D (as my school work = poopoos) not too sure which ones yet though!

anyways. im sleepy. so nite!


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