Sunday, 30 March 2008

30 cents for a Takeaway Bag!

I went and got lunch at one of my favourite places today with my Girlfriend, and, as we couldn't finish our lunch, i asked for a takeaway box. they charged me 30cents for it! It's not like i could of said no.. i had to get my leftovers somehow! gosh.

anyways! end rant hehe :D I've been doing a few vectorisings of my characters for my Website, for about 5 of 'em done so far, ill post what i have done at the end of the week :) be nice to see them all together once all 35+ odd are done! wooo!

I also changed my blog colours more easier on the eyes hehehe :D and i've decided to blog more often, not just on art stuff, but also on what I get up to, and photos with friends and stuff :)

Hung out with a couple of my mates on Friday
Left to right, Garth (BEARD!), Falina and me (im puffing my cheeks fyi!):D

Lunch with my gorgeous gf :)
^ Inyoung. hai! -waves- ^

^I tried to bite her head. it was a failure. hehe^

Panda out :)


Clutter Ho said...

:O leave IY's pretty head alone!!!
When I do come and visit we'll gang up and bite your head! Muahahaha!!

podgypanda said...

haha on snap. IT WAS A FAILURE anyways! her heads to awesome to eat :P muhaha.

oh.. the gang to my head is gonna hurt aint it?

Pinflux said...

Yay update! Sweet photos, the one up the top is awesome!

Super-Munkyboy said...

Heh you rgirlfriends cute, like her look of fear as you try to consume her head, fella!!!!!

She is not leftovers!! LOL!!

podgypanda said...

Thanks J :D
Heh munky :D yeah. i was like "you know what! stuff left overs! i'm just gonna chop on my gf instead hehe!

(im not that mean :P)

Garth M said...

30 cents for a takeaway bag? Outrageous! Outrageous I say!