Monday, 11 February 2008

Woo job interview!

I gots a job interview tomorrow at Satellite Media, for a junior design postition ^_^ not too sure how well it's gonna pan out as i've still got 4 months on my course, but we'll see :D

Heres an illustration i did last week for a school project, to promote a Jazz festival over here. Its the first time i've really blended photoshop and illustrator together. hurrah! hope u likey!



Clutter Ho said...

cool work!!!

good luck with the interview! *fingers crossed for you*
*and toes*

Super-Munkyboy said...

Hope ya get it squire :D

Good luck, and eat noodles!!!

Pinflux said...

Wow sweet design! Weird... not a cute character to be seen... I only wish the rainbows on the left went all the all way to the edges of the page.

G'luck with the interview man :D

podgypanda said...

thanks teese ^_^

thanks Dyl :D

Chur J :D yeah.. well the artwork was to cover 5 panels.. as 2 panels were to have a cover, and a tear-off regristration form.. so they covered the ends of the rainbow (i didnt put it in, cos it looks ugly, hence y its wonky ><)