Sunday, 30 March 2008

30 cents for a Takeaway Bag!

I went and got lunch at one of my favourite places today with my Girlfriend, and, as we couldn't finish our lunch, i asked for a takeaway box. they charged me 30cents for it! It's not like i could of said no.. i had to get my leftovers somehow! gosh.

anyways! end rant hehe :D I've been doing a few vectorisings of my characters for my Website, for about 5 of 'em done so far, ill post what i have done at the end of the week :) be nice to see them all together once all 35+ odd are done! wooo!

I also changed my blog colours more easier on the eyes hehehe :D and i've decided to blog more often, not just on art stuff, but also on what I get up to, and photos with friends and stuff :)

Hung out with a couple of my mates on Friday
Left to right, Garth (BEARD!), Falina and me (im puffing my cheeks fyi!):D

Lunch with my gorgeous gf :)
^ Inyoung. hai! -waves- ^

^I tried to bite her head. it was a failure. hehe^

Panda out :)

Friday, 28 March 2008

KITTY and ComputerArts Graduate showcase :O

Why is kitty not pleased? Is it 'cos Franky smells? bad breathe? Bolts rusty? we will never know... (well i do, 'cos i drew him. but i aint sharing. HAH)
I'm still learning how to vector properly :) so it looks a bit weird with the stuff.. o well.. i plan to do 1-2 Characters a day minimum for a project i cant show you yet. you'll like! yes you will!

on other stuffs, I stumbled across the open invite for ComputerArts Graduate showcase '08 :D
technically as i AM in my graduating year i do qualify for it, so i'm thinking of submitting some personal stuff :D (as my school work = poopoos) not too sure which ones yet though!

anyways. im sleepy. so nite!


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Panda Panda!

Sorry. i couldn't resist haha :D

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

R.I.P John Waterson 13/03/08

R.I.P John

I remember you telling me to Reach for the stars. You even wrote that on the prints you so preciously gifted to me. And you know what? i will fucking reach for the stars. You believed in me so much :) one of the firsts to push me to believe i what i could do. You tried to teach me to be hardout, like yourself, but hell! i couldn't live up the the John master. U crazy crazy fool.

Your talents we're out of this world man. You will be missed.

rest in peace doooood. <3

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


anyone else addicted to Patapon? cos i am hah!

Had a meeting with a friend of mine who's gonna do my new site. his idea is really really cooooool. cant wait to see the idea fruitate! off to draw 30+ mini characters for it!

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sickness 1, Creativity 0

Hey guys and gals ^_^
how have we been? good? bad? average?.. touche :D

the job interview i blogged about went well :) i might help them out part time if they get over burdened with work, but i'm gonna meet up with them again in May to talk about a permanent position *squeal*

I've been sick this week with a tummy virus :( not cool. have been home all week cos its kinda contagious (which sucks cos I've got my Indesign summative (week long exam) nxt week for school. UGH UGH DOUBLE UGH. We gotta do a Annual report for Sony. -die-

I'm struggling creatively too, havent done any of my own stuff for about 2 months :( i'm finding it harder to be creative at course also, its kinda like they're breeding the same old designer sheeps. ahh the joy of politics eh? *giggle*

on a plus note, my Cupco doll is online here . heh i like Cupco's quote he wrote for it :P its quite fitting. i think the exhibition is in.. June? yay!

well im at work right now *snicker* naughty naughty. take care