Sunday, 16 December 2007

ugh. crappy drawing day

had a crappy drawing day today >_<

^random doodles^

trying to draw a site holder for when my site's down (getting a brand spanking revamp! hurrah!).

anyways. summative (week long exam) this week.. not looking forward to that

wow. hasn't this post been all about bitching! I blame monday. and wrong coloured socks.. i promise in next post, ill find something better to blog about :D like maybe rainbows! or unicorns! or how my summative is going!.. wait thats not happy :/

err. bye!


oh yeah. i signed up to big cartel too(my own store!), gonna intergrate that into my site later on :) its empty atm, ill let u know when i have stuff there!


Teese said...

Hahaha love the moaning!! GOOD LUCK with the Summative!! (P.S cool doodles)

Super-Munkyboy said...

Crazy bitch. I had a non drawing day last night.... so enraged :D

Like the blue monkey btw :D

Jeff Cook said...

Muahahahaha! You turned to the blog...blogger...blogspot. You really did. Cool.

podgypanda said...

teese - moaning is what i do best haha :D thanks ^_^ its all done now.. ill post photos soon

dyl - thanks man :D haha :D dont u just hate those!

jeff - yup!