Friday, 14 December 2007

Peelhere '07 and other things!

*ello* -munches frozen toasted waffles-
these things aren't as good as i remember they were in the states...
anyways! just found some photos from an sticker exhibition in the states which i sent some too.

Heres the flyer

onto the photos!
from Jaxiejax on Flickr

from Edwin roses on Flickr (my sticks are somewhere here lol)

and a couple from K.O.I on flickr!

if u wanna see more sticker action, check out here
so many stickers!

weee. what else. Oh yeah. watched Donnie Darko for the first time last night.
still thinking about it now hehe. loved it.

anyways. enough ramblings! need drink to wash processed waffle down. bai!


Teese said...

Hahaha Frozen toasted waffles.. did you toast waffles and then freeze them???? silly!!!!

podgypanda said...

my mommie brought them :D they were already pre frozen haha