Saturday, 22 December 2007

Exam over! + prototype pics!

thank god that weeks over! lol. was so stressed!
our exam brief was to design a chocolate box, using the company name "Jervois chocolates". the tag line was "Life is too short to surrender all vices" *kinda crappy if u ask me*

anyways. there was all this technical stuff too but thats boring.


<- this is the outside of my box. This is just a mock up, so in the final design, the letters have an overgloss on it (ooo. i like shiny things i can feel). the ribbons hold an inner tray, so when u slide the covers, the wee tray inside with the chocs raise up :D (i forgot to take a photo of the inside, once the chocolates are gone, it says "oh snap! it's all gone!" on the bottom)

^opening the box, weee chocolates!^

^pulling the sleeves to the ends lifts the inner tray, revealing chocolates! (wee levitate!)^

^go on, eat me *squint, its there hehe* ^

^The back of the box, with a bit about the company (click the pic if you would like to read it :D ) and a how to open instruction thingy.... u know.. just incase.. heh :D

*lets hope i get a good mark lol*

so glad that weeks over :D yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

now onto drinking with Mr piddleswallopington the third!
*woop woop*

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british essay said...

I kind of agree with this tag line that life in there is too short to surrender all voices. I don't know why you find it crappy. Thanks for sharing though.