Monday, 10 December 2007



first entries always suck. its the same old Generic "welcome to my new blog! ill keep this updated as much as i can (generic line used but never really acted upon)" blah blah blah.

I'm gonna cut to the chase.

double shot mochas rock my socks.



Teese said...

Muahaha no more double shots for you, it gives you a foul mouth!! Looking forward to see you keep up this blog... hahaha

podgypanda said...

hehe I plan to!

this time!

im serious!

don't u believe me? D:

how sad teese.. how sad.. (your probably right.. imma try!)

need to find a way to promote it though ;) cant have just teese reading my thoughts :O

AMAComics said...

You could always promote with stickers...?

Heh. One track mind has I.

podgypanda said...

haha i could :D

or attend this.. really weird convention called.. what was it? ar.. ma.. ge..ddon?

Chocolate Log said...

Yay a new blog.