Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Sadly Beautiful art show in LA

Ello :D thought i'd blog this here!

The lovely Ally invited me to participate in the Sadly Beautiful show at the Black Maria Gallery in Silverlake, and the opening was this weekend that has just past, show still runs till the 22nd Dec!.

So excited! my first show abroad, and 3 peices (with 1 pending i think) has been sold! ^___^

^ Poster for the show^

Here are my canvases i did.

^"Over-indulgence" 10x 10 Acrylics and pen on canvas^

^"Perfection" 8" x 8" acrylics and pen on canvas^

^"Bad hair day" 8" x 8" acrylics on canvas^

^"Come fly with me" 8" x 8" pen and acrylics on canvas^

^"Serene" 8" x 8" pen and acrylics on canvas.^

The show pieces can be seen on Ally's blog here

Thank you Ally, for inviting me to be apart of such a huge event. <3
Little Ava is never far from my thoughts and dreams *still has his rememberband on*


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