Tuesday, 2 December 2008


I had my first Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday in San Fransisco. It was pretty awesome. apart from the fact that i got Food Poisoning from the Turkey (which apparently was uncooked...) (that and the copious amount of red wine didn't help, haha!)
Thanksgiving Food poisoning on Thursday in San Fransisco + 8 hour car ride back to LA whilst still very food poisony the next day= not a very happy Richard..

heres a few (by few i mean 5 cos im lazy) snaps. ill post more later :)

The Cow Killing fields. On the way to San Fransisco from LA we past a huge area where thousands and thousands of cows were.. well. just waiting for the slaughter house. It was kinda sad, and very very very smelly :(

On a happier note, i found my Yellow brother from another mother! He just farted, it wasn't nice. so i wrinkled my face in disgust.

Magic Mountain Awesomeness. *heart* rollercoasters

My awesome Star wars x Marc Ecko Shirt i got for a good price (I LOVE YOU SALES PEW PEW). I thought it was awesome. :) mmm. Cyan and Magenta drippy gooooddnes

Ill upload more photos later :)
Yay Disneyland tomorrow :)