Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Another stint in hospital :(

I had another stint in hospital over the weekend, my awesome infected wound decided to play up again and i got mad pains in my tummy! Was back in hospital for 3 days, was kinda worried id be stuck in there for xmas :( but everything kinda cleared up and im back at home, with new painkillers and new anti biotics!
(i thought the instuctions for my new antibiotics were funny, read the last line)

*so.. what. im gonna go orange and explode if i have too much sunlight? hehehe :)*

They took out my icky staples from my tummy (all 29 of them) but some parts didnt heal, so ive got like a golfball sized hole in my tummy, which gets packed with absorbant stuff everyday. it creeps me out everytime i see this huge hole in my tummy. I feel like playing Operation (the board game) everytime i gotta remove my own dressing haha :) I dont think ill post pics though. its too ewwwwwwwwwww!


Pinflux said...

Oh man that sucks, get better soon and have an awesome Christmas Richard (you vampire you :P)!


Clutter Ho said...

awww I wanna play operation toooo!! hehehe hope you are doing alright now!! we get so worried about our long distance friend over here!! enjoy your xmas barbie!! I'll stick to my yummy roast feast :D