Friday, 31 October 2008

Kraftbomb '08 Recap!

I wish i had taken more photos! ahh well.
The past Sunday i went down to Kraftbomb ,which i had a small stall :) It was very wet and miserable when we got there but the weather cleared up :)
On with the pics!

my cutout displays i did :) man it was a bitch cutting them out *did not think that one through..*
(oh yeah. COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE hehe)

Some of my stuff i had for sale :) (only 5 Chick Magnet shirts left!)

Meeeee (with coffee lol

My table buddy next door was Polly in a box. She had these awesome plush toys with the raddest names lol. I forgot to take a front shot so heres one from the side.. sorta.. yay Polly!

Brought a cupcake from City the NZ cupcake queen (she was nice enough to save me one) and boy was it yummmy! *drools*

Umm.. had a mishap and ate my finger by accident :P:P

My GF's favourite stand, Violet and May (i think!) They did these rad collars :) i purchased my gf one cos it was rad!



I was very sleepy after (probably the coffee and sugar wore off. and the many late nights) but alas, i had a rad time and met lotsa ppl :) I really wish i wandered around more and took more photos (Geek freeks (awesome)had awesome stuffs!, so did Miss Cutee, Becky and Frank (you guys are awesome) and Benita's stuff (doh! dont remember what you called your table haha.).
I wont be at next months Kraftbomb (Nov 30th. Mark your diaries ppl!) as i'll be in the states :( but if things go well, my gf will be looking after my stall for me :)



Clutter Ho said...

yay panda! glad you had a good time at kraftbomb!!!! looks sooooo fab... do you still have the whale cut out?? hahaha i would so love to steal it!!

Bee said...

Haha great pics. Thanks for the mention! I had a Cupcake Queen cupcake too. So yum. And our table didn't really have a name... it might next time!!

Frank said...

Thankyou Podgy Panda! I hope America is rad!