Friday, 3 October 2008

Internet Back + Stickers and crap!

*does a happy dance*

My net has uncapped today :) so happy. was so painful when it was reduced to dialup speed.. But wait! there's more! got a letter today from telecom, our capping has gone from 10gig's to 20gig's! for free! hurray!

K. on to the important stuff i suppose lol.
In the midst of much work experience goodness, one does have days when theres not much work.. what better way to pass the time then cut out a bajillion stickers?
those in the middle are hand drawn ones on some offcuts :P

Close up of some stickers i drew on some offcuts.
my fav is the "WHY YOU SO BIG" one. hehehehe. love those glasses!

Stickers and a magnet or 2 with hand drawn header tags.

i had too much time on my hands :P

k. back to my warm bed and Patapon!
till we meet again!


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AMAComics said...

The little tank dude looks cool. I want one!