Thursday, 9 October 2008

Chocolate Log at Monster Art Rally, Gallery 1988 San Fransisco!

BIIIGG Congrats to Onno and Sylvia aka Chocolate Log Industries, for being apart of the Monster Art Rally plush show! (at a really well known Gallery too!) They've flown out from NZ to SF too , and probably soaking up all the fame no doubt (haha!)

If you follow my wee blog, and happen to be in the area, do drop by and look out for the Chocolate Log Duo and mock their Kiwi Accent.
*wanna chip?*

Congrats again Onno and Sylvia :) You're Heaps Beached! :D


Chocolate Log said...

Thanks mate! We are really looking forward to it, it will be heaps of fun. I'll post some pictures when we get back :D

Clutter Ho said...

:O let's all go to SF!! Congrats Onno!!