Thursday, 19 June 2008

Podgypanda Promo Pack!


Heres my promo pack i did as part of my portfolio requirements for school :) each pack includes
-Sleepy panda sheet, to colour and cut out
-Crayons, which i repackaged and rebranded (hooray 85cent crayons!)
-Magnets, in a wee pack, for optional business card holding action!
-Badge and Business card
-Header card (with a hole punched at the top... just incase you want to hang it up somewhere :D hah!)
-CV and digital portfolio (which is at the back)

yeah it took like 4 days to design, make and print everything, and i only did 3 packs (for the 3 industry ppl coming in to mark our portfolios).

I might make some more to send out :D just cos i can :D

Heres some photos of the panda coloured (with crayons of course!) and folded :)

without business card

with business card :)


Chocolate Log said...

Sweet banana pudding that is awesome! I would love to find that promo pack under the Christmas tree

zoo said...

oh my :) so sweet!

Pinflux said...

That is so cute! I want one! I don't know if I could bring myself to take it out of the packet though :O

podgypanda said...

Hah! Thanks Onno :)

Thanks Emma :D

Lol J, do it. take it out and play with it!

Clutter Ho said...

hehehe Promo pack is so cute!