Sunday, 8 June 2008

Life Update!

YAY! i love blogging about life updates! (well.. not really.. hence why i don't really blog about my life haha)

anyways, i have 1 WEEK of school left and i have to do a whole portfolio worth 50% of my grade left. sseesshh. talk about pressure >_>! we also have to do a promotional item, which i have chosen to do a Paper toy panda :D sleeping of course. with magnets. so he can hold business cards. and a cape. to save the world (i lie about the cape.. but the magnets are real!)

i also resigned today from my crappy part time job, got to a point where every second call was a patron complaining about the website or something totally out of our control (work at a cinema call centre).


so YAY! 1 week to go of school, 2 weeks to go of crappy work, then its my own stuff till i find a real job lol :D


heart panda

p.s. I only have 11 chick magnet shirts left! out of 50. which is rad :D cool part is most of them were sold to family and friends :D Thanks for all your support and kind words about my shirts! cant wait to start another set of 50. one word. Metallic....foil... well ok 2 words. but im toying with the idea! SHINY!


Pinflux said...

Ooo soo much work! T_T

So what are you doing blogging? Back to it!!

Clutter Ho said...

Yay for one week left on your course!! get to it mr panda!!
Cant wait to see the tees! you can fly them over in person if you want!!