Monday, 23 June 2008

3PM Trim mocha and Shortbread kit!

A paper toy pack done as a leaving present for a good friend who has gone back to Canada.
Pack includes 1x regular Trim mocha, 1x baby mocha and 1 x Shortbread :) (each with a bum on the back. heheh!)

at 3PM everyday (break time at school! hehe) 3-6 of us hoodrats would go and get a Trim mocha each, she would normally accompany this with a shortbread purchased along the way :)

*high 5's L and J!*

Close up shot!


Chocolate Log said...

Yummy, I could do with a shortbread now.

And a belate Happy Birthday to you :D

Clutter Ho said...

hehehe it's monday morning and I could do with coffee and shortbread!! *Yawn!!*