Friday, 21 November 2008

mmmm ash..

Crazy huh? I took this outside my great Uncles house in OC, near the forest fires that ravaged south CA over the weekend. You could feel the heat, it was really hot and dry! and it was raining Ash for two days!

On a brighter note, i've been shopping lots (poor wallet, and poor exchange rate, $1 nzd = .53 us cents *cries*) and hanging out with family lots :)

some Shopping loot!

My new kicks and my new shirt *heh*

my awesome new ZooYork hoodie :) *cough* yeah i have a thing for doodles hehehehe


Thought i'd share this too (not mine of course.. i wish!) Went to my uncles new place, and in his garage there was..

A pimpin' Mustang. how jealous am I! 2W drive, reverses and has a working radio, which belongs too...

my little cousin Linda. HOW CUTE IS SHE. the little rascal ;)


Super-Munkyboy said...

I want those trainers.... GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!

LOL they're ace fella, hopin ya having a good break.

Chocolate Log said...

Cool, hope you having fun in the US. Hopefully the guys at customs were nice to you :)