Friday, 12 June 2009

Picnic 'n bunnies Birthday card!

last year a good buddy of mine asked me to create her a card to give her bf for his birthday, so i came up with this!

Outside of card :)

This is the card folded out :) it's got bunnies. and trees, and a floating picnic scene with food and faces! YAY! (thats her and her bf btw :) )

oh, the picnic scene is on Strings that you cant see! (because i'm magical and thats how i rollll)

Close up of the picnic! (nomnomnom bagels)

Flowers and sleepy bunnies :)


Marc said...

Dude. That is the sickest yet. Love it!

TokyoBunnie said...

omg this is sooo adorable!!!

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