Monday, 11 May 2009

Yay New Technologiez *bbzz bzzz*

Hello everyone! I hope you're all well!
Sorry for the lack of blog updates, been busy with work. I decided to plunge into the worlds of Freelancing fulltime, been working on building a website, doing some brochures, and the odd Doodlin' inbetween. Fun times to be had :)

I picked up a new laptop (my bank balance is now empty, haha!) so i could be more mobile, as i currently have to catch 3 buses + walk 20 mins just to get into work. Yay go new shiny things!

Also Dual screened my iMac at home :) why? i dunno. my friend had his computer dual screen'd, and he's awesomesauce, so i wanted to be awesomesauce too! *hi Mat with 1 t* :D

hooray for messy desk >_>

1 comment:

emma assin said...

ohohoh i have a mcbess wallpaper too!! scrummy! :D