Thursday, 21 May 2009

Swoon - group art show

Super stoked :) lookies! my Panda on the showcard :)!

"Swoon is an inspirational group show that brings together an array of talented artists from around the globe. each piece created for the exhibition has a story behind it, and, reflects a special emotion, memorable dream, or precious memory from within its creator. the mission of this eclectic show is to invite the viewer into the artists realm, exploring together, these emotions. i hope when you view the show, you each take with you, an experience that makes you swoon."

Artists include:
64 colors, adolie day, andrew bell, ann-julie aubry, bec winnel, brent nolasco, christopher uminga, crystal wall lancaster, david wagner, dear earthling, drilone, elizabeth berdann, emily martin, jeannie lynn paske, jenna colby, jen lobo, jeremiah ketner, johnette napolitano, julie bossinger, julie west, june leeloo, kate keeler, kate lightfoot, katherine wilson, kendra binney, kristian adam, linda hagglund, lynette may, marion hawkes, naoko stoop, nathan lumm, podgypanda, robbie busch, shan michael evans, suzanne woolcott, walt hall, and more...

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Marc said...

Awesome man! Your work is destined for greatness!