Monday, 12 January 2009

Pandacake by Noferin

Mailman brought me a suprise this morning :)

It's pandacake! by Noferin :D
Came with this mini print.

Inside with Pandacake all wrapped up

Pandacake was my xmas present from Teese and Shakey :) THANK YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS ROCK! I was in hospital when these went up for pre-order and i nearly missed out :( *heart you two* :D


Clutter Ho said...

Yay!! She so pretty!! Glad you love her :) and anything to help a friend in need!! nothing better a dose of toy goodness to make hospitals and stuff seem not so bad!!

nick + said...

you two are such kind souls.
I hope all is well now Podgy.

zoo said...

is it made of wood? very cool!