Wednesday, 25 February 2009

I like coffee!

So, like, on Saturday my gf and I went to a 1 day espresso course at a community college, it was fun! It's SOOO hard to make the perfect shot :S as you can see from the pictures below

My first attempt :D

first attempt FAILED. was so gross lol.

I had 1 more attempt after that but it tasted the same hah.sour and under exposed. gross!
I got a fancy certificate saying i have completed the beginner course, so yay :D
now i need to save up for an espresso machine of my own so i can practise hehe :)

I also got recommended a movie called "Black Gold". It's about the Ethiopian Coffee bean industry.. If you're a coffee drinker, i highly recommend this movie (Fair trade coffee all the way!)

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