Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Learning Flash!

Hey everyone :D hope all has been well :D
Sorry for not updating regulary. I blame a wow addiction. haha.

Anyways, life update! Still no job ! but i do have an interview with a recruitment agency tomorow morning (wish me luck!) But its for a interactive media field, not Graphic Design (which i've spent the last 9 months studying). She wanted me to do a couple of flash banners for my site. I was like "ugh.. okay.."

So, not touching flash before I set out to learn from a few tutorials :D
If you'd like to see the fruits of my labour, or just to hassle me for the crap flash job (LOL) visit my website and there's a button at the bottom (i plan to put some more banners once i learn more of the program)

Wish me luck tomorow morning :D!


AMAComics said...

Good luck dude!!!! Hope you kick their collective asses!

Chocolate Log said...

Dude, learn flash so you can work at Chocolate Log Industries :D

Super-Munkyboy said...

Hey fella,

If ya need some good tutorials, try this guy out:

Best resource for Flash tutorials I've been using for work. If ya want others, give us a shout, I gotta load of links stored up.