Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Got Oreos?

Truck spills 14 tonnes of Oreo cookies on highway

9:50AM Tuesday May 20, 2008

MORRIS, Illinois - Got milk?

Police say a trailer loaded with 14 tonnes of double-stuffed Oreos has overturned, spilling the cookies still in their plastic sleeves into the median and roadway.

Illinois State Police Sgt. Brian Mahoney says the truck's driver was traveling from Chicago to Morris on Interstate 80 around 4am Monday when he fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into the median.

He says the boxes came out of the trailer and boxes were ripped open.

The crash about 80km southwest of Chicago remains under investigation.

Mahoney says no charges have been filed but both lanes of traffic remain closed while authorities remove the cookies.


awesome :P

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