Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Week 1 of Vectored Doodles

*click image to zoom in!*

Weee! So, as an excercise to learn more about Illustrator, i plan to do about 5-7 vectored characters a week :D (till i get to about 35 odd, or i get bored)

Here's the first batch :D from left to right
*Frankenstein holding Kitty with cherry on his head
*Lil king dude
*Cat in a.. catsuit? (needs bowtie)
*Moustached Bokchoy lifting dumbells :D

Enjoy ^_____^


Clutter Ho said...

Wow lil king dude is too cute!! actually they're all cute but he's so royal!
Frankie looks like he wants to eat that cherry on the kitty hahaha and the kitty's like *unimpressed look* "stay away from my hair accessory!

podgypanda said...

haha, I like lil king the least :P my fav is Bokchoy! *flex*

haha poor kitty :D

AMAComics said...

I'm a fan of the cat myself. He kicks ass. I can tell.

Jacob said...

Thats really cute. Illustrator is really fun too!

Hey your do graphics design at MDS? Same here! (i started a month ago)
How are you finding it?
(im commenting in class now haha!)

podgypanda said...

Hey Jacob, yeah i do, im in Jesse's afternoon class. nearly finished, graduate Mid June. which class are you in? haha :O! SO ITS U WHO'S SLOWING MY INTERNET DOWN! *tehe*

Jacob said...

I'm in Jo's morning class right now :) (3rd week of photoshop)

.. whhaaat? me? sl-low ddd--dow-n th-e in-tte-ernetsss?? :'C How could you say such a thing...

... XD actually it's because everyone here is addicted to youtube

Heh. I just thought I might have seen you on the lifts.

podgypanda said...

Oh cool! (didnt know Jo had a new morning class that had started!) how u finding the course?

Jacob said...

It's very fun, and fairly easy (because i use Adobe stuff at home)

We've been touching up photos lately, but i look forward to doing more projects. (i posted one on my blog xP)

How are you finding the course now that you are close to graduation?

podgypanda said...

oh cool! eh course is ok at this end.. we start our packaging summative today (gotta design a vodka bottle, packaging and promo item). 6 weeks of exams O_O

you're lucky u have jo. i hear shes awesome!